Coop's Scoop: All eyes on Redmond

Will Microsoft blink? Meanwhile, Y2K gets its first big test. Fasten your seatbelts.

... Will Microsoft blink? Or will Gates & Co. tell the trustbusters to take a hike? We'll find out by this Tuesday when the two sides are slated to hold a face-to-face meeting.

The software maker's smart enough to read the writing on the wall and knows things don't look good. That said, Microsoft's put a proposal on the table designed to resolve all its antitrust troubles with the government.

But here's the rub: The Justice Department is so far ahead on points that it's going to demand far more than the cosmetic contractual modifications offered up by Microsoft. The most likely scenario: Expect the bombing to continue.

... Tick, tick, tick. We'll perhaps get a taste of the Y2K world to come on April 4 when New York becomes the first state in the union to move into the new fiscal year. (So will Japan and Canada.)

... Here they come. Watch for America Online and Sun Microsystems to detail plans on Tuesday for a combined assault on the corporate Internet market. Expect to hear lots of stuff about e-commerce; Sun is keen on expanding online stores -- anything that will generate more demand for heavy-duty servers -- and AOL is only all too willing to comply.

... Good news from AMD? Well, that would be a welcome change. The chip maker, which has developed a knack for disappointing investors, may get a lift when it announces which big-name OEM has agreed to use the company's chips in its upcoming notebook computer line.

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And in the week that was:

While planes and missiles pounded away at Yugoslavia, NATO was also conducting a less visible attack against the Serbian communications infrastructure. Welcome to the dawn of "info-war."
Infowar part of NATO arsenal?
Web keeps Kosovo alive

After upping their offering prices, Internet companies filing for IPOs are getting their numbers -- and then some. The window may be closing, but Net stocks remain hot. At least for now.
Autobytel posts smash IPO
Net IPOs remain hot Newest Net wonder

These aren't great times for Compaq. Pressured by low-priced rivals, the company now says Q1 sales will be soft. On top of all else, Compaq's ballyhooed RISC processor -- the Alpha -- is getting shellacked by Intel in the desktop market. Hard to believe, but Alpha was one of the jewels that figured in Compaq's blockbuster acquisition of Digital Equipment last year.
Alpha doomed for extinction?

More than a year after their beloved machine was dumped by Apple, Newton loyalists remain as infatuated as ever. In fact, a solid contingent continue to meet each month in California -- where else? -- to proclaim their undying fealty. Steve Jobs, are you listening?
Newton fans forever loyal

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