CSA IT failures cost £40m per year

The faults in the Child Support Agency's system, which leave it unable to process cases, have forced child-maintenance claims and payments into a separate database

Failures in a computer system used by the Child Support Agency are costing the agency about £40m per year in additional work.

Since 2005, faults in the CS2 computer system, which deals with child-maintenance claims and payments, have left it unable to process thousands of cases annually.

Claims that cannot be processed in CS2 are moved to a separate database for manual processing by agency staff. By December 2010, almost 100,000 claims had been moved into this database from CS2, Child Support Agency (CSA) quarterly figures show.

Every claim that has to be removed from the CS2 system and managed manually roughly costs the CSA an additional £400, according to a CSA spokesman, putting the annual cost of rectifying the computer problems at just under £40m as of the end of last year.

For more on this ZDNet UK-selected story, see Troubled CSA system costs extra £40m per year on silicon.com.

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