Cybercriminals target non-conventional appliances

As the use of USB appliances, mobile phones and other peripherals, a security expert has warned businesses to be more aware of evolving malware

As the threat of malware continues to evolve over time with cybercriminals now targeting non-conventional electronic appliances such as battery chargers and digital photo frames, companies need to pay even more attention to their quality control practices.

According to Ronnie Ng, Symantec Singapore's senior manager for systems engineering, cybercriminals are constantly finding new means and ways to exploit vulnerabilities. This focus now extends to devices not usually known to inhabit malware such as USB appliances and mobile phones.

"The proliferation of USB appliances, mobile phones and PC peripherals as well as their increased use simply means there will be continued attempts by cybercriminals to exploit various platforms and devices for their personal gain," he said in an email to ZDNet UK's sister site ZDNet Asia.

For more on this story, see Evolving cyber threats target appliances on ZDNet Asia.


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