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Summary:Collaboration, records management, and workflow are just some of the features in current electronic document management software. We examine your options.

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DocuShare v4

DocuShare 4 is to be launched in a couple of month's time. The DocuShare product is a Web-based application that provides a complete document management system that allows the user to have full control over documentation versions, access, and archiving.

Being a Web-based product widens the choice of platform to basically anything that will support a browser. In addition, DocuShare will run on most common browser types.

As you might expect, DocuShare can be tightly integrated with Xerox multifunction systems providing scan solutions to deliver end-to-end document lifecycle management solution from a single vendor.

Records management is based on the optional add-on DB2 Records Manager which enables users to declare, classify, manage, and dismiss electronic records within the DocuShare environment.

The browser interface is very clean looking and was intuitive to use. The interface makes good use of white space making it easy to read. A breadcrumb navigation trail provides the user with feedback, showing where they are in the site and gives a quick navigational control to retrace your path rather than clicking the browser back button.

DocuShare uses the Verity K2 search engine for indexing and content location.This provides search features such as full text and metadata search, indexing of over 200 content types, including MS Office, Lotus, HTML, as well as the ability to carrying out image, single word or text string searches.

DocuShare supports document-related collaboration and offers interfaces to leading office and e-mail applications. It also provides threaded discussions, calendars, group spaces, tasks, and notifications.

DocuShare offers a number of collaborative capabilities such as user or group-managed collaborative spaces, with integrated access to content, management of e-mail threads and discussions. This is facilitated through integration with Microsoft Outlook as well as document routing and support for advanced workflow functionality (using a workflow add-on module).

This workflow capability allows many document-related business processes to be automated for significantly improved efficiency. This includes support for parallel and serial routing, splits and merges, conditional workflows, exception-driven workflows, and sub-workflows.

Product DocuShare v4.01
Price 10 users + 1 guest RRP AU$7000, 100 users + 10 guests RRP AU$17,000
Vendor Fuji Xerox
Phone (02) 9856 5000
Web www.fujixerox.com.au
A wide range of server OS supported, client is browser based and runs on most recent browsers.
Feature set improved through use of a number add-ons and third-party
Developer environment provides additional ways for customising, creating batch processes and integration with third-party products.
Online Support Assistant, 30-day initial support following installation, contract provides ongoing support.
DocuShare v4

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