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Summary:Secrecy seems to shroud the data centre arena -- all well and good for security's sake, but not so great when trying to pick a provider. RMIT IT Test Labs' Kire Terzievski pulls back the curtains to find what data centre options exist.

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Managed services

Most data centres will offer managed services, providing products from servers to communications equipment, skills and security consulting and operations for UNIX/ Linux, Windows, and Mac Platforms. Suppliers of managed services usually offer term contracts of six months to three to five years. They have highly qualified operators working on a 24x7 shift structures with skills in all operating systems, and LAN and WAN systems.

Managed services suppliers take control of your IT equipment from financing the purchase of the equipment, locating the equipment within their data centre, installing links between it and the customer (if need be), and most importantly, provide a service level agreement (SLA).

There is quite an extensive range of managed services that are available. General offerings include:
  • Managed hardware.
  • Server configuration.
  • Managed server hardware, operating system and applications.
  • Firewall, bandwidth, antivirus, content filtering, remote communications and backups management.
  • Load balancing and clustered solutions.
  • Disaster recovery.

Security services offering cover:
  • Firewall logging.
  • VLANs.
  • Intrusion detection systems.
  • Honey pot servers.

Internet services offered are:
  • SMS & WAP services.
  • Payment gateways (credit card clearing services).
  • SSL certificates.
  • Domain name registration, POP mail accounts.

Topics: Security, Big Data, Hewlett-Packard, Networking

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