Deloitte's top 10 tech trends in 2013: Plenty of good advice but timetable might be off

Summary:Deloitte has outlined 10 tech trends to watch out for in 2013, but some of them seem past their prime already, while others will require much more time to flourish.


  • "Finding the face of your data: Fuse people and technology to discover new answers in data-- and new questions, too."

My reaction: This basically goes back to the idea of monetizing big data and deciphering what it all means. It's an ongoing issue that will be talked a lot about in 2013--and will be ongoing in terms of verifiable action.

  • "Gamification goes to work: Drive engagement by embedding game mechanics in day-to-day business processes."

My reaction: This one seems outdated already. Gamification in the workplace has been talked about and toyed with over the last two years, but it's debatable how much of an impact it has made. There are some communities where it might work (more within online developer and engineering circles), but it just hasn't made the splash it should have by now. It's just one aspect of the bigger social picture.

  • "Reinventing the ERP engine: Revving up data, hardware, deployment, and business model architectures at the core."

My reaction: Again, another fancy way of saying that business models and legacy systems need to change in the face of things like new customer preferences, more traffic, and better technologies that get things done at a cheaper rate. Certainly, these are things to be discussed, and we'll likely see much more action on these fronts than we did in 2012, but they still take a lot of time (and money) to address.

  • "No such thing as hacker-proof: If you build it, they will hack it. How do you deal with that?"

My reaction: Deloitte suggests taking a more proactive approach than ever before in the face of online threats, and that is always good advice from now until the end of time.

  • "The business of IT: After reengineering the rest of the business, IT's children deserve some shoes."

My reaction: Despite having the most difficult-to-understand tagline, the point is actually rather simple: the value of IT is going to be determined by how much it can improve the efficiency (and cost savings) of every other department within the business. We've already seen this topic come up in 2012, and it will continue to be at the forefront of IT priorities over the next few years amid a heavily changing landscape in enterprise technology.

One of the strongest drivers for this will probably be mobile, being that it entangles the BYOD (bring-your-own-device) trend as well as security and privacy concerns, but also potentially big productivity and efficiency gains.

Topics: IT Priorities, CXO, Mobility, Social Enterprise


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