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Summary:Whether you want to ask "Does religion do more harm than good?" or "Where's the cheapest place to buy memory?

Whether you want to ask "Does religion do more harm than good?" or "Where's the cheapest place to buy memory?", try the ZDnet Forums.

You can start debates or tap the collective wisdom of fellow members by going to the ZDNet Forums page. Just click on the "Start new Discussion" link and complete the "Post your Discussion" box.

You can even set an alert to to be told when someone replies to the post.

Every contribution is published, and we'll highlight some of our favourites across the site. Discussions are a great way to raise your profile.

The link to kick off a thread is there on all the individual forum pages, such as Software Forum, so you can get going if inspiration hits you while you're reading. Why not take a look, and try it out now?

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