Did you MapQuest It? New iOS 7 and Android update shows MapQuest is serious about mobile

Summary:MapQuest is reportedly the third most popular mobile navigation application and number two on the desktop. Their new iOS 7 and Android application update offers a compelling navigation experience.

Did you MapQuest It? New iOS 7 and Android update shows MapQuest is serious about mobile
Image: MapQuest

In the past, people used to always ask, "Did you MapQuest it?" MapQuest was the standard for desktop mapping and directions and my wife still occasionally asked me that same question.

With today's iOS 7 (iTunes link) and Android (Google Play Store link) releases, MapQuest shows they are still serious about mobile, despite all the focus on Apple Maps and Google Maps.

TechCrunch reports that MapQuest still has the third place position for mobile mapping and second position on the desktop.

MapQuest stated that their product and engineering teams went back to the drawing board for these latest updates and designed it from the ground up. I installed the new MapQuest on my iPhone 5s and so far it looks great and now I have to test it out on the road.

According to the MapQuest blog, the new features include:

  • High-resolution vector maps: Our beautifully designed maps offer improved quality and resolution, enhanced zoom features and beautiful new cartography.

  • New interactive map layers and customizable category buttons: These features make finding nearby business and popular locations quick and easy.

  • An industry first ETA status bar: This status bar informs users of time and distance to their destination, as well as anticipated in-route traffic.

  • Advanced navigation features: These include voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic re-routing.

  • One-click point of interest and location sharing: Send your location or destination out via social media, SMS or email.

I immediately noticed the ETA status bar at the top of the new MapQuest that shows MapQuest It! in grayed out letters where you can simply enter in a destination for quick navigation.

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