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Directory: M2M vendors in EMEA

ZDNet's EMEA directory of M2M vendors has market, product and contact information on companies that provide machine-to-machine (M2M) communication products and services.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication can deliver remote monitoring and control in many areas, including buildings, the healthcare system, utility grids, supply chain logistics, the automotive industry, agriculture and more. This makes it a huge commercial opportunity for a variety of businesses, including mobile network operators, sensor makers and systems integrators. Consequently, if you're looking to kick off an M2M project, there are a great many vendors to consider.

This is not a paid listing, nor is it anything like an exhaustive list. It covers a number of leading vendors in the EMEA region that provide M2M services — ranging from devices to connectivity to full-scale systems integration — with the aim of giving you a jumping-off point for your M2M investigations. 



Deutsche Telecom
Company profile  Deutsche Telekom established an international M2M Competence Center in 2010, focusing on M2M products and services in nine market segments: Energy, Vehicle Telematics, Health, Retail & Commerce, Industrial Automation, Public Sector, Security, Transport and Logistics, and Consumer Electronics. The company offers services ranging from M2M connectivity to specific end-to-end M2M solutions, and operates an extensive partner program.
Geographical region  EMEA, the Americas, China, Japan, Indonesia
Target markets  Enterprise, SMB
Featured M2M products & services  M2M end-to-end (E2E) Solutions, M2M Consulting Services, M2M Connectivity, M2M Services
Contact  Discover M2M: Our Approach
Key links  M2M Competence Center, M2M Partner Portal


Company profile  With a global reach and a dedicated team (over 200 strong, including R&D, business consultants, account managers and implementation specialists), Orange Business Services offers a broad set of M2M solutions, targeting markets including smart metering, healthcare, automotive telematics, smart grids, fleet management, smart offices and smart buildings.
Geographical region  Global
Target markets  Enterprise, SMB
Featured M2M products & services  Global Service Management, M2M Connectivity
Contact  M2M at Orange Business Services
Key links  Case studies, M2M Applications


Company profile  The Spanish broadband/telecoms provider (and owner of the UK's O2 mobile network) is a leading M2M connectivity and solutions provider. It has key partnerships with other network operators and with M2M platform provider Jasper Wireless, giving it a global reach.
Geographical region  Global
Target markets  Enterprise, SMB
Featured M2M products & services  Managed Connectivity, Transport, Utilities and Sustainability
Contact  Telefónica Digital, 20 Air Street, London W1B 5DN, UK • Telefónica M2M contact page
Key links  News, Blog


Company profile  Vodafone launched a Global M2M Platform in 2009, offering a global SIM with a single tariff, a range of web services and access to an extensive partner programme. The company has deployed M2M technology in a range of sectors, including automotive, consumer goods, energy and utilities, financial services, health, manufacturing, public sector, retail, security and transport.
Geographical region  Global
Target markets  Enterprise, SMB
Featured M2M products & services  Managed Connectivity, Professional Services, M2M Solutions
Contact  Vodafone Machine-to-Machine • 08080 966 795
Key links  Why Vodafone M2M, Case studies, The Partner Programme



Company profile  Neul is a Cambridge, UK-based company specialising in 'white-space' radio communications, which exploits the gaps (white spaces) between frequencies allocated to TV channels and other unused radio spectrum. NeulNet supports up to 16Mbps over a 10km range with "excellent in-building penetration".
Geographical region  UK
Target markets  Enterprise, SMB
Featured M2M products & services  NeulNet
Contact  Neul Ltd, Suite 42 Innovation Centre, Unit 23 Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0EY, UK • +44 (0)1223 437 022
Key links  Technology, Markets, Newsroom


Company profile  France-based SIGFOX uses ultra-narrowband (UNB) technology to deliver low-throughput (up to 1Kbps), long-range (up to 40km) wireless communication for M2M devices. Having launched its network in June 2012, the company secured €10m in series B funding, led by Intel Capital, in September.
Geographical region  France
Target markets  Enterprise, SMB
Featured M2M products & services  Technology, SIGFOX offer
Contact  SIGFOX, Bâtiment E-volution, 425 rue Jean Rostand, 31670 Labège, France • SIGFOX contact page
Key links  Applications, Partners & solutions



Company profile  Headquartered in the Netherlands, Gemalto is a global digital security solutions company with an extensive M2M portfolio centred around wireless modules (Cinterion) and an M2M service delivery platform (SensorLogic).
Geographical region  Global
Target markets  Enterprise, SMB
Featured M2M products & services  Cinterion, SensorLogic
Contact  Gemalto NV, Barbara Strozzilaan 382, 1083 HN Amsterdam, The Netherlands • +31 20 562 06 80 • Cinterion contact pageSensorLogic contact page
Key links  M2M World (Cinterion), M2M Cloud Platform (SensorLogic)


Company profile  Libelium formed in 2006 as a spin-off from the University of Zaragoza, and has since sold its modular sensors and wireless networking technology into over 45 countries worldwide. The company also offers training and consultancy services to help customers deliver cost-effective M2M solutions.
Geographical region  EMEA
Target markets  Enterprise, SMB
Featured M2M products & services  Waspmote, Meshlium, Training and consultancy
Contact  Libelium Comunicaciones Distribuidas S.L., Maria de Luna 11, nave 17 (Instalaciones CEEIARAGON), C.P. 50018, Zaragoza, Spain • +34 976 54 74 92 • Libelium contact page
Key links  Libelium World


Sierra Wireless
Company profile  Best known as a maker of mobile broadband devices, Sierra Wireless also creates embedded wireless modules and gateways for the M2M market, along with an M2M-focused cloud platform.
Geographical region  Global
Target markets  Enterprise, SMB
Featured M2M products & services  AirPrime Embedded Wireless Modules, AirLink Intelligent Gateways, AirVantage M2M Cloud, Sagemcom M2M
Contact  Sierra Wireless France, 5 boulevard Gallieni, 92442 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex, France • +33 1 46 29 08 00
Key links  Solutions, White papers and Webinars



Wireless Logic
Company profile  UK-based Wireless Logic is a leading M2M aggregator, supplying airtime, connectivity and management tools, plus a range of value-added services. The company claims over 4,000 customers, spanning a wide range of vertical markets.
Geographical region  Europe
Target markets  Enterprise, SMB
Featured M2M products & services  Airtime, Connectivity, Monitoring & Control
Contact  Wireless Logic Limited, Grosvenor House, Horseshoe Crescent, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 1LJ • +44 (0)1494 679800 • Wireless Logic contact page
Key links  M2M Market, Case Studies



Jasper Wireless
Company profile  Mountain View-based Jasper Wireless provides network operators with a ready-made cloud-based platform with which to launch, run, optimise and expand their M2M businesses.
Geographical region  Global
Target markets  Enterprise, SMB
Featured M2M products & services  Enterprise Platform, Operator Platform, Aquisition Engine
Contact  Jasper Wireless Inc., 189 North Bernado Avenue, Suite 150, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA • +1 650 810 8000
Key links  What is M2M?, News, press releases, events


Company profile  Founded in 2003, Boston-based Wyless offers end-to-end M2M solutions and services, based on a multi-carrier global wireless network, advanced management software and a suite of M2M services.
Geographical region  Global
Target markets  Enterprise, SMB
Featured M2M products & services  Global managed network, Porthos M2M management software
Contact  Wyless, Windsor House, 42 Windsor Street, Uxbridge UB8 1AB, UK • +44 (0)1895 454 699 • Wyless contact page
Key links  Company, News & Press


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