Drobo & Transporter merger announced

Summary:The intended merger of Drobo, of almost management-free storage fame, and Connected Data, the brand-new maker of an innovative backup appliance, is good news for weary storage users.

Why? Because Storage is too complicated for most users. It's complicated to configure. It's complicated to back up. It's complicated to share. It is too complicated.

Complicated storage isn't like a complicated network. With a network if you can't figure it out you can't go online. But complicated storage can cause all your data to go poof! Much more painful.

Drobo makes professional and pro-sumer storage arrays that are easy to manage. For example, you can mix and match disk drives because they don't need to be the same capacity. As the array gets low on space you can easily pull the smallest drive and add a larger drive to grow your array capacity.

Connected Data, maker of the brand-new Transporter back up appliances , has created a unique system that enables law and medical offices – who have stringent privacy requirements – and everyone else, to back up their data privately to a remote location. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars a year for a cloud service with slow recovery you buy the Transporters, load them locally at high speed and, as new data is added the data is copied securely and simply in the background.

With access apps available for all the major mobile and desktop platforms, the Transporter is a simple way to augment laptop, smartphone and tablet storage as well. Much more cost-effective than buying more flash memory.

Think of the Transporter as the Drobo of remote and secure backup. Without Jason Statham.

The Storage Bits take  The merger makes good sense. The same computer scientist and entrepreneur who started Drobo also founded Connected Data. Geoff Barrall also started high-end NAS box maker BlueArc - now owned by Hitachi Data Systems - in the early 2000s.

I expect that this merger represents a new strategy for Drobo: broadening the easy-to-use Drobo brand identity to more storage applications. Backup is still too hard for most consumers and many small businesses. Well-marketed the Transporter should be a winner.

Comments welcome, as always.  I first met Geoff in the early 2000s when he was starting BlueArc and consider him one of the most visionary technologists in the world of storage.

Topics: Mobility, Cloud, Laptops, Storage, Tablets


Robin Harris is Chief Analyst at TechnoQWAN LLC, a storage research and consulting firm he founded in 2005. Based in Sedona, Arizona, TechnoQWAN focuses on emerging technologies, products, companies and markets. Robin has over 35 years experience in the IT industry and earned degrees from Yale and the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton... Full Bio

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