Facebook adds 'Memories': Internal prototype exposed by mistake

Summary:Facebook has added 'Memories' to the long list of new features rolling out on the site over the last few weeks, which gives users a brief look over each year of their time on the site.

Facebook has added 'Memories' to the long list of new features rolling out on the site over the last few weeks. This will be particularly useful for college students who struggle to remember the drunken times they have had, over the course of the last three years whilst 'studying'.

It adds a timeline to your Facebook history, such as how many statuses you have written in a particular year, how many friends you added, and some of the photos from that particular category of friends.

Also, Places has had a prime slot added to the left hand side menu of your profile, allowing you to see a fully documented list of statuses of where you and your friends have checked in.

Gallery To see a full set of screenshots of the new 'Memories' feature, including the new Places panel added to Facebook, head on over to the gallery.

Users will get Memories as and when it rolls out. It appeared only a short ago on some profiles, but will be out before the end of the year, we expect.

Updated (10:34 GMT): Looks like we weren't meant to see this yet, so luckily we did. Facebook just updated their own status, saying:

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