Facebook makes strides with SMBs, Internet.org, emerging markets

Summary:Small businesses, in particular, seem to have a fondness for the Facebook secret sauce.


Based on its latest earnings report , it's clear that Facebook has an understanding on how the mobile ad game is supposed to be played and won.

That said, the world's largest social network is making strides on a number of other projects -- most of which are largely tied to as well as fueled by the heaps of revenue coming in thanks to more than a billion monthly active mobile users.

Leading up to the second quarter update on Tuesday afternoon, analyst eyes were honing in on advertising and marketing results.

Facebook delivered advertising revenue of $2.68 billion, 62 percent of which stemmed from mobile. Revenue overall was $2.91 billion.

Small businesses, in particular, seem to have a fondness for the Facebook secret sauce.

Chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg told shareholders during the company's quarterly conference call that there are now more than 30 million active small business pages on the social network.

The overwhelming majority (roughly 19 million) of these are active on mobile too, she added.

To keep the momentum going, Sandberg said Facebook is "ramping up our engagement with this community," starting with workshops in New York, Chicago and Miami followed by the establishment of an "SMB council" in Europe.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg also chimed in with an update on Internet.org, the social media conglomerate's ongoing initiative to bring Internet access to everyone worldwide.

During the quarter, Facebook commenced testing the program in the Philippines, Paraguay and Tanzania, bringing affordable Internet access to more than three million people for the first time.

Zuckerberg reiterated how connecting the world links back to other goals, such as building the knowledge economy, while also keeping sales going up around the world.

Nevertheless, he acknowledged some pain points -- especially in emerging markets -- such as helping marketers deploy ad experiences that are more effective and engaging.

Zuckerberg explained:

We're investing heavily in this area, and this quarter we launched a number of efforts to improve the quality and relevance of all right ads -- including a new ads preferences tool, advertising, and improvements in the News Feed designed to reduce low-quality content. Surveys indicate ads get close to the quality level of organic content. But in most developed countries, we have a lot to do. We expect to continue focusing on this for a long time.

Chart via Facebook Investor Relations

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