Fashism: Unbiased fashion advice on the fly

Summary:One of the apps I've been playing with lately is called Fashism. It allows you to post a "look" or photo of yourself (or a friend), and people get to comment and rate your wardrobe.

One of the apps I've been playing with lately is called Fashism. It allows you to post a "look" or photo of yourself (or a friend), and people get to comment and rate your wardrobe. It's addicting to check, especially if you know you've posted something outrageous. Their website is pretty cool as well.

I was lucky enough to meet one of the co-founders, Brooke Moreland. The following is eight quick questions about Fashism. Enjoy!

The Web Life: How did Fashism come about?

Moreland: I came up with the idea for Fashism in a dressing room. I thought that it would be cool, if I could just poll a bunch of people at once, I could come up with an unbiased solution about whether or not something looked good. I couldn't really find an app or site that did exactly what I wanted it to, so I got together with my friend Chris France and we built Fashism.

How many users do you have, and what type of crowd uses Fashism?

We have about 40,000 registered users, but we draw a crowd of about 100k a month. We have people from all over the world, but women and girls in their teens and 20s are our biggest demographic.

What is the most outrageous outfit you've ever seen?

Well, there have been tons. Most recently, this Care Bear Snowboarding outfit. It is crazy, but also adorable!

Have you guys thought about doing video too?

We have discussed having video integrated. Right now it's not really on our roadmap, but the next version of the site will have more editorial content including how-to videos.

What is the most exciting thing about starting a company?

Making something that people love and interact with everyday is the best feeling in the world. People are having fun, getting advice and making connections in a space that we created. It's awesome!

What is the greatest lesson you've learned so far?

To not be afraid to ask for things. Advice, help, partnerships, money- anything. You can't get anything unless you ask, and usually there is no harm in trying. I have found that for the most part, people want to help, and want to see entrepreneurs succeed.

In the next 6 months, what are your plans for the site?

We have a new app coming out in early February and a relaunch of the site with a new design and new features in March. We are so excited, the next iteration of the site is much more robust and customizable, but with the same basic concept/

Has Fashism made you more fashionable? :)

Um, YES. Seriously, I have learned to take others' advice and since I look at pics of people's outfits every day, I have constant inspiration. I look at some of my first posts on the site and cringe!

Follow Brooke on Twitter, and check out Fashism.com.

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