Five Gifts for Linux Lovers

Know someone who really likes Linux? These gifts might hit the spot for this holiday season.

Is there a Linux lover in your life? Someone who loves to debate the advantage of Debian Linux over Ubuntu? Someone who wears a Tux the penguin t-shirt out to lunch? Then, these gifts might just be what they-or you-need to be happy this holiday season.

1. Linux Foundation Visa Card

The Linux Foundation Visa Card

The Linux Foundation Visa Card

Want to really support Linux but can't code your way out of a cardboard box? Then consider if you will getting yourself a Linux Foundation Visa Card. If you're approved for this card, the Linux Foundation, which supports Linux in all its forms, gets $50 immediately and then a percentage of your purchases. It's an easy way to support Linux without any pain, it's a spiffy looking card in its own right, and you can use it to buy other people Linux-related gifts. What a deal!

2. Chromebook

The Samsung Chromebook open and ready for work.

The Samsung Chromebook open and ready for work.

Samsung and Acer have dropped the prices for their Chromebooks. These lightweight netbooks running Chrome OS-which is the Chrome Web browser running on top of Linux-are a steal at $299.

I pay full-price for my Samsung Series 5 Chromebook and while I wish I'd only paid less for it, this computer has still become my grab and go laptop.

3. A powerhouse Linux laptop: ZaReason Verix

ZaReason Verix Laptop

ZaReason Verix Laptop

You, or your favorite person, want a real Linux laptop with all the trimmings? Look no further than ZaReason's Verix-17. This laptop comes with a 17" display, 2GBs of RAM, NVIDIA GTX 570M dedicated graphics with 1.5GB GDDR5 video RAM, a dual core i5 2.3Ghz processor, and your choice of Linux operating systems. Currently you can get the Ubuntu 11.04 family, Debian 6, Linux Mint 11 or Fedora 16.

I'm playing with one and while I'm not ready to review it yet, I can say one thing about it already: "It's sweet." At $1,499, it's not cheap, but it looks worth the money to me.

4. An Android tablet

Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire

Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire

Apple's iPad 2 may be the tablet most people lust after in their hearts, but if you love Linux, and you don't want to spend so much money, consider getting an Amazon Kindle Fire or a Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet. Yes, I know you think they're e-readers. They're not. Both are low cost, 7" tablets. The Kindle Fire costs $199 and the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet at $249.

Either one would be a good deal, but since Barnes & Noble is fighting with Microsoft over patents that Microsoft claims covers Android, I'm inclined to go with the Nook Tablet myself.

5. Linux t-shirts and odds and ends

An oldie but a goodie Linux t-shirt

An oldie but a goodie Linux t-shirt

Want something that will be appreciated but don't have a lot of cash? Well, there are always Linux t-shirts, mugs and other odds and ends. Check out CafePress, ComputerGear,and Zazzle for a nice selection of low-priced gifts.

Happy holidays shopping!

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