Five iOS 5 secrets

Summary:Well, OK, not secrets, but you still might want to check out these neat little tricks!

Five things you might not know you can do with iOS5.

Note: All of these tips apply to iPhone and iPad, and some will even work on the iPod touch.

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#1 Compose your own custom vibrations

Yes, you know that you can create custom vibrations in iOS 5. Here's how:

First, you need to activate the feature:

Settings > General Accessibility

From there activate Custom Vibrations.

Now to create the custom vibrations:

Settings > Sounds

Scroll down to Vibration Patterns and then Create Custom Vibration. Start tapping out your custom vibration!

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#2 Text shortcuts

Here's a real timesaver! Allows you to type a shortcut for a a word of phase.

Settings > General Keyboard

Click on Add New Shortcut... the type the phrase and the shortcut you want to use.

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#3 Make the LED flash as an alert

Want a visual indicator that you have messages of missed calls? Easy!

Settings General Accessibility

Enable LED Flash for Alerts. That's it!

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#4 Restrict iOS system privileges

Get a grip on iOS 5 Location Services privacy settings at:

Settings > Locations Services

Scroll down and click on System Services. From here you have control over what has access to your location information:

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#5 How Apps are noming your storage!

Wondering where all your storage has gone? See for yourself!

Settings > General > Usage

Click on the app entries if you want to delete the data.

Bonus Tip!

A lot of people seem to be having problems finding the camera button on the iOS home screen - just double-click the Home button to make it appear. Simple!

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