Five ways Microsoft's Surface is better than iPad: Gallery

Summary:This article spotlights features in both Surface models that are better, more innovative, and potentially more game changing than their counterparts on the iPad.

Way 2: Named sets of applications in the launcher

The iPad lets you group sets of applications into folders, but the icons in those folders are impossible to discern to the naked (or at least, over 40) eye. The iPad also lets you stick a pile of apps on a page, but it doesn't give you the opportunity to name the page.

The Start screen allows you to group applications, and assign those groups labels, which appear above the groups. The icons remain full sized, but you can get a nice overview by simply zooming out. It's a very clean interface for a challenging problem, and it gets you active tiles, named groups, and a bird's eye view, all in one clean interface.

Topics: Tablets, Apple, Mobility


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