Four reasons to not get the Verizon iPhone

Summary:We're hours away from the Verizon iPhone finally being announced. While Verizon's network is arguably superior to AT&T's, there are four main reasons why you shouldn't jump at the Verizon iPhone.

We're hours away from the Verizon iPhone finally being announced. While Verizon's network is arguably superior to AT&T's, there are four main reasons why you shouldn't jump at the Verizon iPhone. I have detailed them below.

Lack of simultaneous voice and data

This seemingly obvious feature will not be possible on the Verizon network. As a long time iPhone user and current AT&T customer, I can tell you that while I would love to have a chance to have the coverage that Verizon offers, the ability to put a call on speaker and browse the internet or search Google maps or perform a variety of other internet-related activities, far outweighs the occasional dropped calls that I experience on AT&T. And yes, I did say "occasional". It seems that AT&T has gone a long way in fixing the dropped call issues and with my iPhone 4, I'm more apt to hang up a call by accident with my cheek than experience a dropped call due to the network.

ETF (Early Termination Fee)

Of course, my wife has already told me that she wants to go back to Verizon--she was a long time customer before I forced her to take an iPhone. However, if you're an existing AT&T customer and want to jump to Verizon, you'll have to pay the ETF (early termination fee). According to AT&T's page on the subject, that's going to run you $325, minus $10 for each full month of your Service Commitment that you completed. I haven't done the math yet, but I can tell you that it's going to cost a lot for me to move my wife and I over to Verizon, since we both have iPhone 4's. Translation: not gonna happen.


What do you get with the first iPhone to ship designed to work on CDMA? Bugs! Are you ready to enjoy a bug or two? I'm pretty sure there will be some CDMA-specific bugs introduced. Either some bugs related to handing off between data and voice or battery drainage. Regardless, when you ship a new product it's buggy, unfortunately.


I've talked about issues with CDMA a couple of times already. I gave it its own area under Speed because I wanted to highlight that while Verizon may have a better coverage area, the speed of its data network is slower than AT&T's. The iPhone 4 zips along on AT&T's network, because of both the speed of the network, and the processor and memory on the iPhone. If you mess with that magical equation you get a sub-par experience. I have a feeling that early reports of the iPhone 4 on Verizon will be of a sub-par experience, especially in areas where AT&T has solid coverage.

We'll see what Verizon and Apple have in store for us tomorrow. Here are some of the questions I'm hoping we get answers to:

  • Will there be a new iPhone 4 design that fixes that "death grip" that Apple never really said was an iPhone-only issue?
  • Will it get the same iOS release?
  • Will Verizon offer unlimited data plans?
  • Will Verizon offer simultaneous data and voice, due to a rumored CDMA network upgrade?
  • Will the iPhone 4 even be announced?

Tomorrow all of our questions will be answered, hopefully.

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