Foursquare check-ins bring real rewards; cash in or miss out

Summary:Foursquare isn't just Dennis and Naveen anymore. Their team of 25 is building a product that will probably take over the world.

Foursquare isn't just Dennis and Naveen anymore. Their team of 25 is building a product that will probably take over the world. I'm not kidding... if you get rewards, valuable advice, and freebies for using this product, there is a greater incentive to use it.

Just by checking in at Internet Week HQ, I get a special badge that saves me from waiting in long lines at parties.

CNN just launched a new page on Foursquare that gives World Cup attendees and fans the ability to connect with each other and learn about a foreign land together.

"Follow CNN and check in on Foursquare from stadiums and landmarks in South Africa and viewing parties in the 32 World Cup countries to unlock special badges."

A lot of people dismiss the whole location-based gaming platforms, but they aren't going anywhere. It's almost how Facebook engulfed everyone that they felt obligated to participate. Now we are talking about real world rewards. And it's getting easier for businesses to participate too.

"Every type of business that you can think of is pinging us about rewards and badge opportunities. It's really exciting," said Tristan Walker, head of biz dev for Foursquare.

Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley spent some time on stage today at Mashable Media Summit talking about the product he wants to build. His main goal is to make a product that organizes people and lets them interact better.


Basically, Foursquare isn't your typical check-in app anymore. It's a lot richer, with much greater opportunity now.

What are your thoughts? Are you addicted, or are you a hater? Tell me why.

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