Fourth most Commented post of year: hmm, maybe you don't need an iPhone after all

Summary:I've been blogging about the iPhone quite a bit this year.("Ya think?

I've been blogging about the iPhone quite a bit this year.

("Ya think?" uttereth the assembled multitude)

Those who felt a need to push back against what they saw as an excess of hype found sympatico within my post entitled 11 more reasons NOT to buy an iPhone (and that you haven't thought of).

Conversations sparked by some of these reasons inarguably motivated enough of you to offer your thoughts that this post was the fourth most commented on in this blog during 2007.

OK, let's pick a number. Say #7.

No capacity for video output to a tv (as iPod has).

Click on this post to read the rest, and let us know which of these 11 reasons you agree and/or disagree with.

Topics: iPhone, Mobility

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