Funny top ten list about useless studies will give you a chuckle

Summary:It's the most wonderful time of the year. There are candy canes, mistletoe, and, of course, the fabulous year's end top ten lists.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. There are candy canes, mistletoe, and, of course, the fabulous year's end top ten lists.

Studies and scientific research have been a popular topic here on ZDNet Health. There has been much lively debate and informative discussion. If you haven't checked it out, it's worth a read. Don't forget to check out the reader comments, they're my favorite part.

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Because our tech-and-science loving readership has shown a strong interest in research, I thought I'd give you a Christmas Chuckle by sharing a great top ten list from Time magazine, the Top 10 Ridiculously Obvious Study Findings.

Some of them are hysterically funny. But some are actually, in my opinion, somewhat useful. Just because a thing seems obvious doesn't always mean it's true. In fact, some of the things we've heard over and over again, and accept as ironclad truths, can be proven to be untrue (or at least more nuanced than was originally suspected). It's worth proving that things we hold to be self-evident are actually rooted in good scientific fact.

As a nurse, I like the trend toward evidence based practice. It helps medical professionals be sure the things we do to treat patients are truly helpful and not either useless or worse, contraindicated. That having been said, it is best if our study budgets are allocated to places where they can get us the most bang for our buck.

In your opinion, were these studies useless or useful? Did you get a laugh out of them? Let us know what you think of the most obvious study findings in the TalkBacks below.

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