Game developers ponder their next move

Game developers gathered in London this week to discuss the future of gaming: computing power, artificial intelligence, and 3D games on mobiles all came under the spotlight. A ZDNet UK news focus

The future of artificial intelligence: The Borg?
Fri 30 Aug:
The creator of Black & White is experimenting with new work on group minds - but unlike the borg, the characters in the new game are already descending into bar brawls Intel toolkit brings 3D to PDAs
Fri 30 Aug:
Fancy playing a 3D space shoot 'em-up on your PDA? Or a flight simulator on your phone? It's not as far off as you might imagine Game developers look east for inspiration
Fri 30 Aug:
Game development in the West is stagnating as publishers only look at derivative games. For true innovation there's only one place to go: Central Europe Game development 'hampered by IP'
Thur 29 Aug:
Hardware limitations are the least of the problems facing games developers today - they can be worked around, unlike some legal problems Game developers look beyond polygons
Thur 29 Aug:
Graphics in games have reached the point where throwing more polygons at the screen has little effect on the quality. The next big thing will be something entirely different, say developers
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