GestureBank Q 'n A

Summary:People ask me how GestureBank is going?Great!When will it ship?

People ask me how GestureBank is going?


When will it ship?

As soon as it's ready.

Why should we care?

Either because you care about how you spend your time or maybe you shouldn't.

Are you looking for venture capital?

I have been until recently, but now I've decided I'd rather have a life.

Are gestures the monitization of attention?


How do I get some of that?

Contribute to the open pool of anonymized metadata.

How do I do that?

Send email from a Gmail account to gesturebank AT

How many people have done that so far?

Sorry, you have to contribute to get access to the data.

Are people really asking you how GestureBank is going?

See previous answer, but no.

This concludes the GestureBank Q&A.


Topics: Tech Industry

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