Get into the Halloween spirit with these 99 cent iPhone Apps

It's time to give your iPhone a holiday makeover for just $3

It's almost Halloween and if you haven't already pimped out your iPhone with all of the Halloween-themed apps, there's no time like the present. Below is a quick rundown of the top three that I'm currently using to get into the spirit.


If you want to have your iPhone emit spooky sounds when new e-mails arrive, look no further than SpookyTones. Like its brother, MailTones, SpookyTones has you forward your mail to a special e-mail address at, and then your iPhone can be customized to play different tones based on the e-mail received. In the case of SpookyTones, you can have it emit sounds of whispers, happy halloween, laughter, spooky chain sounds, and a whole lot more. Even if you don't want to forward your mail, it's a great app to just use as a way to hear a slew of different spooky sounds.

Angry Birds Halloween

If you're not already playing Angry Birds, it's the ultimate time waster. You have to use a slingshot to shoot different birds at structures that are protecting pigs. You can read more about it in an earlier article I wrote about it. That said, the Angry Birds Halloween version takes the classic to a Halloween level, including pumpkins, 45 levels of gameplay, and a whole new look. They also changed the background music to a scary, Halloween-style, to really put you in the mood. The company could have technically released a Halloween level pack, but for 99 cents you can't go wrong with buying this specially designed version, especially since it features Halloween-style music.

Doodle Jump

The folks behind Doodle Jump face-lifted their well-known title for Halloween. In this case there's no reason to purchase a standalone version to get into the spirit. Instead of flying around your favorite Doodle, you'll now navigate DOODLESTEIN. There's still no Game Center integration, but at least you get a scary new theme to help you get into Halloween a bit more this season.

Are there any titles that you've been enjoying that have been face-lifted or specially made for Halloween? If so, share them below.


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