Google: Code search and movies and gadgets, oh my!

It's been a busy week for Google as they've opened up some major new services: Code search to help developers find open source code, Movies to help moviegoers find flicks near them, and Syndicated gadgets to allow web page creators to place Google gadgets on their own pages.

It's been a busy week for Google as they've opened up some major new services:

Code search. This is for developers to help them find open source code. Features include the ability to search by regular expressions (go{2}gle), by language (lang:"c++" sprintf.*%s), or by license (-license:gpl quicksort). An API is available and people are encouraged to write plugins for their favorite IDE. There are no ads. For more information see: FAQ, Forum, News.

Movies. A no-frills way to find what is playing in theatres near you. This has actually been around for a while but was somewhat hidden. The unique feature it has is that it includes reviews pulled from all over the web. When I tried it, I was glad (I think) to see it already knew where I lived so I didn't have to enter that again. However Google will find it hard to beat Yahoo! Movies because of Yahoo's exclusive content like Movie Mom reviews and Tivo integration. For more information see: Garett Rogers' blog.

Gadget syndication. Google gadgets, which up to now have only been available on Google Desktop and the Google homepage, can now be added to your own web pages. For more information see: API, Announcement.


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