Google preps new release of web toolkit

Summary:Google engineers are putting the finishing touches on a new release of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), version 1.2. And this Wednesday, Instantiations will host a live Webinar to launch an Eclipse-based GUI editor for this popular hybrid Java/Ajax framework.

Google engineers are putting the finishing touches on a new release of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), version 1.2. Major features will include:

  • Support for MacOSX as a first class development platform
  • Greatly improved performance on refresh (to speed up the development cycle)
  • A new HTTP module to allow fine-tuning of asynchronous requests
  • Support for adding arbitrary widgets to a Tree

All together, over 50 enhancements and bug fixes are will be in the new release, according to the GWT issue tracking site.

In other GWT news, Instantiations will host a live Webinar on October 25th at 10am Pacific time (1pm Eastern) to launch their new product, GWT Designer. The Eclipse-based GUI editor, in beta since early September, will be available for $39/year (or free if you already have WindowBuilder Pro). I'll be a guest speaker, and if that weren't enough reason to dial in, 100 attendees will be randomly picked to win a free book.

While a date for the GWT 1.2 release has not been announced, activity on the GWT forum indicates it will be out Real Soon Now.

(Meanwhile, Google continues to hire new developers to add to the GWT team. I just noticed a Google AdSense campaign targeted on the keyword "GWT" that says "Want to help make GWT better? Openings available. Apply now!". Unfortunately it's in Atlanta since Google hasn't opened their rumored RTP office yet.)

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