Google upgrades Classroom apps with more tools for educators

Google says more than 40 million students, teachers and administrators are actively using Google Apps for Education.

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Via Google for Education

Google announced this morning that more than 40 million students, teachers and administrators are actively using Google Apps for Education. So to mark the milestone, the Internet giant has made some upgrades to several Classroom applications.

Google launched Classroom this past summer in an effort to make Google Apps for Education simpler for educators to use. The apps are used in diverse education settings around the world, ranging from a primary school in rural Australia to a school with no IT support in Mexico, according to Google. 

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Google says the updates rolled out Tuesday focus on things educators and students have come to consider most important.

Among the upgrades is an enhanced ability for teachers to invite students to Classroom using Groups. Google says that educators already using a Google Group for their class can use that same group to invite students to Classroom. And if a school uses the School Directory Sync tool, the Google Apps administrator can import class rosters directly into the Google Group for further invite convenience.

There's also a new ability to mark assignments as "done" when there's nothing to turn in to verify completion. The Assignments page was also retooled to make it easier for students to keep track of their upcoming work.

Google said teacher controls were also tweaked with wider reaching settings that give educators more power over their class stream, such as the ability to mute individual students from posting or commenting, or viewing previously deleted items in a stream.



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