Guess where they're building an electric car?

Summary:If you guessed Detroit, you're in need of drug therapy. China, of course.


If you guessed Detroit, you're in need of drug therapy. China, of course. Cheap labor, of course.

Miles Automotive Group joins the race to get a consumer sedan onto the market. The company says it'll sell its car for about $30K, and it will have a highway range of 120 miles between re-charges. The picture is from Miles Automotive.

Miles, Tesla Motors, Think, Zap and Phoenix all claim they'll have battery-powered vehicles on the road this year or soon thereafter. On their website Miles says they have three models availoable now. Uh, available TO ORDER. Cnn also points out ther may be some hesitancy in America to drive a Chinese-bult car, "Even if U.S. consumers flock to electric cars out of environmental concern, Rubin may still have to convince them to put their bodies inside a Chinese vehicle, especially in light of all the news lately of recalled Chinese goods. ' You certainly wouldn't feed one to your pet.

For a good round-up of the electric car marketing race, check out Michael Kanellos's piece.

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