Hands-on review: Microsoft Express Mouse

Microsoft recently introduced the wired, BlueTrack-enabled Express Mouse. Here's the hands-on review.

Microsoft recently introduced the wired, BlueTrack-enabled Express Mouse. Here's the hands-on review.


This is a mouse. Obviously there isn't much set-up involved. Or at least there shouldn't be, and in this case, there isn't. Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X, the Express Mouse is essentially a plug-and-play operation.

However, Microsoft does specify that users should download the required software for "full functionality." The downloads are free, and I did follow the instructions. I just didn't find the software necessary as the Express Mouse seemed to function fine on its own once I connected it to the USB port.


The Express Mouse is so speedy I almost wasn't ready for it. At first, I had my reservations as I'm already used to a wireless and smaller Logitech mouse.

However, the speed and precision on the Express Mouse quickly changed my mind. In terms of fit, the peripheral is very sleek and almost reminiscent of Apple's Magic Mouse - except this one can be physically clicked and it's wired.

The three buttons (left, right and the click wheel) are customizable, and Microsoft boasts that the Express Mouse can work on "difficult" surfaces thanks to BlueTrack technology. I tried the mouse on my mouse pad, my desk, and even the box the mouse came in. Each surface sufficed as well as the other, but clearly the mouse pad was the smoothest.  The rubber grip on the size of the mouse is a nice touch, but the palm of my hand rested nearly entirely on the glossy white exterior of the mouse. All in all, a fine budget-friendly mouse that is still tied to a cord.


The Express Mouse won't be rolling out to mouse pads until this spring. Flint Grey and Hibiscus Red versions (the latter is pictured above) will be available first in April. Four other hue options (Turf Green, Dahlia Pink, Ultramarine Blue and Coast Blue) will follow in June. Each unit will retail for the reasonable price of $19.95.

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