Hands on with Apple's iOS 8 (pictures)

Summary:Apple's latest mobile operating system iOS 8 was unveiled at its annual developer conference. ZDNet takes it for a test drive to show you some of the new features.

One of the highlights (and highly rumored) of the iOS 8 announcement was the unveiling of Health, an app that can hook into various apps and services, with the aim of working together to bring you the most comprehensive data possible.

And, if you're ill — or getting sick — alert the people who need to know.

The new Health app includes a quick-glance dashboard. Image: ZDNet/CBS Interactive

The Health app takes all the data collected from wearable tech and Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors you use, and puts it in a readable and legible format. From sleep patterns to blood alcohol content, calories burned and blood sugar, it's a one-stop shop for monitoring your well-being.

Your Medical ID gives others a quick look at your vital stats. Image: ZDNet/CBS Interactive

But if you get sick and you need others to know what your basic vital statistics are, you can create a Medical ID — available right on your Lock screen. It can include things like allergies, blood type, and any medical conditions you have. This might, for instance, help emergency medical staff determine the best course of action sooner rather than later.

Emergency services can access your Medical ID from your lock screen. Image: ZDNet/CBS Interactive

Clicking the "Emergency" button will bring up the dial-screen to make a call to police, fire, or paramedics. But it also allows you to select the Medical ID you created.  

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