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Summary:There I was in my last post slamming SAP for SAPPHIRE Now and what pops up in my Twitterstream?@normanmarks RT @timoelliott: Funky.

There I was in my last post slamming SAP for SAPPHIRE Now and what pops up in my Twitterstream?

@normanmarks RT @timoelliott: Funky. Hasso interviewing himself on why in-memory is important, with dig at Larry http://bit.ly/bCxzTg

It's a terrific piece of classic Hasso Plattner, co-founder of SAP showmanship and clever use of cinematography where Hasso is seen interviewing himself. I particularly like the slightly out of focus hat tip to Andy Warhol. You can see a Marilyn Monroe-esque frieze of Warhol inspired pictures of Plattner decorating the back wall.

At about 6 mins and 15 secs, we see Hasso the interviewer playing around solving a Rubik's Cube. Was he feigning boredom as Hasso the scientist blahs on about in-memory databases in language only an uber geek could understand?

It's all great juxtaposition between the past, present and possible future. Brilliantly done.

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