He hears gunshots, calls 911 via Vonage and hears Kenny G

Summary:First of all, you got to love the title of the Blog this account appears on: Corey Gouker's Machine Inside The Mind (subtitle,thoughts of the convoluted).I hear ya, dude.

First of all, you got to love the title of the Blog this account appears on: Corey Gouker's Machine Inside The Mind (subtitle,thoughts of the convoluted).

I hear ya, dude.

Even though this happened three months ago, you gotta love this story.

So Corey is in bed in his Redmond, Washington home sorting music and reading the news when he hears a gunshot followed by the sound of two guys yelling. He wonders aloud whether the incident is worth calling in.

"Figured what the hell, was probably nothing but it couldn't hurt since I could use a real test of the 911 service with Vonage," Corey Geeker- sorry, meant Gouker- writes.

Next, he dials in to 911 via Vonage. Corey then provides what he regards as a reasonably accurate transcription of what went on.

Starts with:

Lady 1: National Emergency Fire, Rescue, and Police can I verify your address is x on Old Redmond Road, in Redmond, Washington.
Me: Yes that's correct.
Lady 1: What's the emergency.
Me: Just heard 3 gun shuts and what sounded like two men yelling from the street.
Lady 1: Okay sir, let me transfer you over to the Redmond Emergency Fire, Rescue, and Police. Please hold the line.
Me: Okay.
Hold: Kenny G - Theme from "Dying Young" plays. And yes I kid you not it was actually Dying Young. Oh the irony.
Lady 2: Redmond Fire, Rescue, and Police, what's your emergency

Oh, the rest of this is great. Fascinating read, and it's Friday.

The bottom line for Corey? He's uncomfortable being transferred three times, but he says he will have to reread the E911 info that Vonage has recently sent him.

"There's a cover letter stating that Vonage is in the process of rolling out E911 service nationwide and that they'll notify me of when E911 becomes active," he writes. "Coupled with (the option to dial) '112' from my mobile I'd say there's plenty of ways to contact the emergency response."

Oh, but Kenny G?

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