Here's the SECRET number for Comcast's National Support Desk: It's 1-888...

Summary:First of all, if you publish a "secret," is it still a "secret?" I mean, is Victoria's Secret a secret still?

First of all, if you publish a "secret," is it still a "secret?" I mean, is Victoria's Secret a secret still?

OK, enough o'that.

Let me explain to you why we're going where we are.

I once read somewhere, that a Comcast

customer, somewhere,  failed to be satisfied by the usual rounds of Tech Support hoops he was subjected to.

Tongue in check. Lots of "Comcash" customers are.

But just perhaps, that one dissatisfied customer didn't know of Comcast's National Support Desk.

He didn't know that by dialing the following number, he would be able to have an exec address such issues as day-of-install problems among others.

But thx to the Consumerist website, anyone needing help with some of the more vexing Comcast installation and service issues has an option of calling someone that will listen.

888-345-5731 National Support Desk - Dispatchers, day of install issues, etc. IVR requests Remedy TTS ticket number, but once you're on the phone they're not likely to turn you away, even if you just need a box hit.

The Consumerist, bless their hearts,  also has contact names and cell/pager numbers for key Comcast support desk personnel.

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