How Amazon has proven that iTunes is totally obsolete

Summary:Isn't it time Apple just put iTunes out of our misery and killed the blasted thing off?

How many of you bought Kindle Fires recently? Go ahead. Raise your hands.

Wow, that's a lot of you. Okay, how many of you are running apps on the Kindle Fire? Yeah, that's what I expected. Most of you.

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How many of you have music or videos on your Kindle Fires? Hmm...same sorts of numbers. Almost everyone in the room.

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Okay, here's the million dollar question. How many of you installed some big, ungainly, memory-hogging, unreliable, poorly designed program on your PCs or Macs, just to be able to configure and manage your Kindle Fires?

Anyone? Anyone? Ferris? Bueller? Bueller?

What you hear, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of silence. No one had to install anything like the beastly iTunes to do anything with their Kindle Fire. In fact, no one had to install any software whatsoever to manage their Kindle Fires (as long has they had access to a Web browser).

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Amazon has proven that there's absolutely no need for an iTunes-like interface to accomplish everything Apple claims iTunes is needed to do.

That sound of silence you're hearing is Amazon proving that iTunes is totally obsolete. Isn't it time Apple just put iTunes out of our misery and killed the blasted thing off?

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