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Summary:I had the opportunity to use an HTC X7501 for a while and thought you might be interested in my take on this type of device. This, by the way, isn't meant to be a device review.

I had the opportunity to use an HTC X7501 for a while and thought you might be interested in my take on this type of device. This, by the way, isn't meant to be a device review. My fellow ZDnet Blogger, Matthew Miller, has already done an admirable job of that. It can be found here.

Here's a photo of the device for the visually oriented members of the audience:

HTC Advantage X7501

After reading Matthew's review of the device and exchanging a few messages with him, I couldn't help but look at my well used and well loved Treo and think of all the things I've done with the device and all of the things I wanted to do but, really couldn't.

The HTC X7501 appeared to offer nearly all of the things that I liked about my Treo and also appeared to address that device's shortcomings. I must point out, however, that while the device offers mobile telephone capabilities, it is a bit too big for me to be totally happy. If I had enough money to purchase one of these devices or someone wanted to give me one as a gift, I'm sure I'd tough it out and find a way to live with it.

Where it shines is in its ability to be part of a virtual access strategy that made it possible for mobile executives to access almost everything they need while on the road. I could also see this device used as the platform for custom applications supporting mobile customer service representatives. How about a device for medical personnel to carry while working in a medical facility? In this role, the large, bright screen, acceptable chicklet keyboard, large storage capability (for a device this size) and powerful processor would more than make up for any perceived problems with the device as a mobile phone.

In the end, this device comes a great deal closer to what I'd like to carry around. It has more than enough power to support my virtual office lifestyle when I'm shuttling from client to client or conference to conference. It has enough storage to allow me to carry needed reports, presentation decks, proposals and the like. It would let me access Websites, Email and other on-line resources. It just isn't small enough to fit comfortably in my pocket like a typical cell phone does.

If you're seeking an intelligent device that combines the features of a mobile telephone, internet tablet, Windows Mobile computer and even a pretty credible camera as part of a virtual access strategy, you might enjoy looking at the HTC X7501.

If your organization provided you with a device such as the HTC X7501, how would you see yourself using it?

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