I purchased a $50 iPad app. Seriously.

Summary:"A $50 iPad app!? Are you on the crack rock, Stephen!?" Nope! I'm not on the crack rock. What I am, however, is thrilled by my purchase! Here's why.

Well, I finally did it: I purchased an app for an amount that would have typically bought me anywhere from 35-45 apps. How in the world can I possibly proclaim this with any sense pride or accomplishment?

Put simply, it's a purchase I made as an initial investment into my new hobby: culinary arts. Yes, I'm going to be the next freakin' Gordon Ramsay by the time it's all said an done with -- or so I keep telling myself, at least. *cough, cough*

So, what on earth makes this app so special that it's worth $50? To start, it's called The Professional Chef and it's what I think every future educational book/app should consist of! Yes, it's the 9th edition of the book put out by the Culinary Institute of America, but converted into an interactive app that's chock-full of recipes, high-resolution images, videos, community-driven features like shared notes, and far more.

It's all best explained by the app's promo video, but where, oh, where can you view such a video, I wonder? Why, right here, of course:

I seriously can't say enough about this app so far. I'm not even that far into the chapters, but its usability, functionality, and wealth of information are near-dreamy. Now, I know this post sounds like a paid advertisement, but it's not. I really am just THIS excited that I actually got what I paid for in a $50 app. And, really, the price tag is but a mere drop in the bucket when I consider the immense value I know I'm going to get from the app as I progress through the chapters and reference them for, I imagine, years to come.

If you're interested but $50 is a bit too steep for you, then you can purchase individual chapters from the app here. There's also a free chapter there, so definitely check it out. Now, unless you really are Gordon Ramsay, then I would say there's something for everyone here, where everyone == those of you who enjoy cooking (or know someone who enjoys cooking); but I'm just a technology writer, so what the heck do I know?

Now, I can finally do this:

Bucket list:

- Purchase a $50 iPad app - Make an awesome souffle that wouldn't make Gordon Ramsay yell at me - Sneeze 5 times in a row and have every single one feel as good as the first - Etc.

One more down, too many more to go!

-Stephen Chapman

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