IBM announces support for 'game changing' Big Data technology

Summary:IBM has launched support for the BLU Acceleration service, which will make data processing and analysis faster and more economical.

IBM has began ramping up support for its new Big Data architecture BLU acceleration.


In an announcement Wednesday, the tech giant said that the new software -- which aims to make the analysis of vast amounts of data quicker and more efficient.

Client and business partner support is now available for the new version of IBM's DB2 database software which encompasses BLU Acceleration. As corporations look to control, store and analyze the vast amounts of data being generated by personal computers, mobile devices, sensors and social networks, the tech giant says they are under "unprecedented pressure" to keep up -- which is where the BLU Acceleration engine comes in.

The new IBM DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration uses in-memory technology that loads terabytes of data in Random Access Memory, which streamlines query workloads even when data sets exceed the size of the memory. In addition, storage save is saved through "Actionable Compression," which lets analytics take place without decompressing data sets.

The DB2 is also able to process both row-based and column-based tables simultaneously within the same system.

In case studies, IBM clients said that acceleration and data analysis sped up from seven to 40 times, with some queries speeding up almost 100 times without tuning. Bob Picciano, General Manager of IBM Information Management commented:

"IBM's work with beta clients and internal tests show significant speed and simplicity. In one example, BLU Acceleration was shown to be 10 times faster than another well-known in-memory database system. Some queries that took 7 minutes were shown to have dropped to 8 milliseconds."

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