InPowered launches discovery tools for "trusted" content

Summary:San Francisco based InPowered is taking on the native advertising trend with a focus on trusted, independently produced articles.

InPowered today launched a free version of its trusted content discovery and promotion services as a way of gaining new customers for its core service: the promotion of trusted stories.

I saw a preview of the service last week and was impressed at the many features and tracking metrics offered for free. The company is making a big bet that users will become customers of its paid services, which promote positive stories through advertising.

The free tool is very compelling in what it offers: discovery of what has been written about a product or brand; the ability to share that content to your social networks; a filter that only surfaces independently written content free of any commercial taint; metrics on sharing; and on number of people that read the entire article — not just the headline.

The company is very much focused on discovery of content that is trusted, that hasn’t been paid for by any vendor or manufacturer.

The founders, (two brothers, above) are very savvy about media and sold their ad display network last year to Ziff Davis. They are also very much opposed to the native advertising trend because it dilutes readers’ trust in articles.

Here is my recent interview with them here: InPowered Founders Interview: Trusted Content Is 4 Times More Effective Than Native Ads

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"It is increasingly difficult to find credible information from trusted third-party sources in an ocean of ads and branded content. inPowered is changing that.

At inPowered, we help brands discover and amplify credible, trusted content so that they can contribute to a more informed marketplace. And when you help educate consumers so they can be better informed, you establish your brand as one worthy of consumers' trust.

As a result, consumers can easily cut through the noise and get access to the most credible information, enabling them to make more informed decisions.”

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