'Invasion Deutschland'? Not so funny!

At least German politicos don't see the humor in new computer game in which their Reichstag building is attacked by a monster.

REUTERS- German MPs are taking a very dim view of a new computer game that features a monster attacking the Reichstag parliament building. "This is tasteless. We would never allow it," a spokesman for the legislature told Reuters, adding that officials were considering legal action to stop the game from hitting shops next week.

Film for the computer game was taken without permission, he said. A spokesman for manufacturer Davilex Software, which has turned video footage of the German debating chamber into interactive 3-D animation for "Invasion Deutschland," said he saw no legal problem and denied the game was bloodthirsty or brutal.

"You defend the fatherland against the monster," he said. Other scenarios include driving the monster from Cologne's Gothic cathedral or a famous beer cellar in Munich. Unlike most of the world's parliaments, which see only verbal skirmishing, Berlin's Reichstag building really has been a battleground. Thousands of German and Soviet soldiers died in it before the Red Flag was hoisted from its ruins in the closing days of World War Two. It was completely rebuilt in the 1990s and re-opened as home to the parliament of a reunited Germany last year.


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