'iPad 3 coming March and iPad 4 in October' - Rumor mill recycles failed 2011 rumor

The rumor made no sense in 2011, and it makes no sense in 2012.

DigiTimes is recycling an old rumor that was popular in 2011 - That Apple will release two iPads in 2012. The rumor made no sense in 2011, and it makes no sense in 2012.

Note: As a source of rumors, DigiTimes can, at best, be described as mostly inaccurate.

The rumor is that the iPad 3 will feature a QXGA (1,536x2,048 pixels) display and longer battery life, and then later in the year Apple will update refresh the iPad again, releasing the iPad 4 with unknown specification.

According to 'sources,' the iPad 4 refresh will 'compete with an array of Android-, Wintel- or WoA (Windows on ARM)-based tablet PCs to be released in the fourth quarter.'

It makes no sense - no sense whatsoever - for Apple to release two iterations of the iPad in less than a year.

  • The iPad 2 is already light years ahead of the competition. The iPad 3 will only increase this gulf.
  • Two iPad refreshes within a year would put significant pressure on the supply chain.
  • An iPad launch is a big deal. Releasing two iPads in the same year would create an expectation among who would begin to expect twice-yearly launches.
  • Why would Apple need to release a new iPad in October to counter the pressure from 'Android-, Wintel- or WoA (Windows on ARM)-based tablet PCs' when a new iPad would be inbound come March anyway?
  • The reason for these aggressive release schedule being hinted at by DigiTimes is price-pressure. Really? Apple is selling iPads as fast as it can get them made. What price-pressure?

Like i said, the rumor made no sense in 2011, and it makes no sense in 2012.


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