iPad on Lockdown: Apple Faces a Twist of Intellectual Property Law

Summary:iPad on Lockdown: Apple Faces a Twist of Intellectual Property LawAuthor: Eric Everson, MyMobiSafe.comImagine that you have this great product idea and a catchy brand name for it too.

iPad on Lockdown: Apple Faces a Twist of Intellectual Property Law Author: Eric Everson, MyMobiSafe.com

Imagine that you have this great product idea and a catchy brand name for it too. As managers, we have all been there at some point or another. Grandiose ideas of being patted on the back and welcomed into the inner circle of the executive leadership team come to mind as you envision all the profit your company is going to earn with this revolutionary new product… then the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) snaps you back to reality as you discover that it’s already been done before!

As a U.S. Company, this is the epiphany that Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) either failed to acknowledge or figured they had the treasury and legal muscle to flex. As it turns out the iPad, is not a new product in the world of technology, in fact as even some of us more techy types may remember, it was Fujitsu that actually introduced the first iPad. Don’t just take my word for it, just look it up for yourself at USPTO.gov (Hint: start with US Patent: 7,228,469).

How accurate does this sound? “Portable information device, … portable information device, and computer product” If that sounds like one of Steve Jobs’ lines for promoting the new Apple iPad, think again as that text was literally copied verbatim from the Fujitsu owned US Patent: 7,228,469. It would seem that Apple Inc has stepped into the ring with Fujitsu, which is a leading Japan-based company with a beefy balance sheet and domestic access to the legal system that should certainly make Steve Jobs and team consider their next moves carefully.

As I understand it Apple has until February 28, 2010 to decide to fight for the name at the USPTO. The new Apple iPad has iPhone app developers frantic as their current content will lose significant resolution when displayed in full screen on the iPad. Apple released a new SDK exclusive to the iPad this week, which has many developers contemplating if they should invest the time in redeveloping and transferring their product to the iPad.

While the future may bring about a balance where app content can be shared from iPad to iPhone (and back) with ease, in the interim we are granting a specialized MyMobiSafe Verified package that covers content unique multiplatform apps. This will allow app developers to earn their MyMobiSafe Verification for either their iPhone App or their iPad app and use the same credentials at no added cost.

Apple is no stranger to big lawsuits and legal action, but for now, it seems this twist of intellectual property law has plans for the Apple iPad on lockdown.

About the Author: Eric Everson is a leader in mobile technologies and is the founder of the U.S.-based MyMobiSafe.com. If you would like to contact Eric Everson for interview or with consulting related inquiries contact him directly at EricEverson@Hotmail.com. To get started with your MyMobiSafe Verification simply email: GetVerifed@MyMobiSafe.com.

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