ISVs Lombardi and Genuitec explain how Eclipse benefits their businesses

Summary:Both companies are clearly benefitting from the community-based, open source efficiencies of Eclipse.

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A true test of a software development environment's worth is in how well it benefits ISVs in reducing complexity, cutting costs, and in helping them remain competitive in fast-moving markets. ISV adoption is the ultimate litmus test for an IDE's success in the long run.

To better understand the impact of Eclipse on ISVs, I recently moderated a sponsored podcast discussion with Damion Heredia, director of product management at Lombardi, and Maher Masri, president and co-founder of Genuitec.

These two ISVs have much different customers -- Lombardi is a business process management (BPM) solutions provider and the maker of the TeamWorks suites, while Genuitec serves the developers within ISVs with its popular MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench productivity tools. [MyEclipse 5.0 Enterprise Workbench recently became available.] Yet both companies are clearly benefitting from the community-based, open source efficiencies of Eclipse.

So I asked them why they use Eclipse now, and what they expect in the future for ISVs as they seek the best ways to create compelling software products. Learn more about why these executives see an escalating productivity boost from Eclipse 3.2, how Eclipse and Microsoft .NET play well together, and how the Eclipse Rich Client Platform may further simplify ISV choices and reduce costs in the future.

Have a listen to the podcast, or read the transcript. Podcast sponsor: Eclipse Foundation.

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