IT Priorities in Aus and NZ, 2009

Summary:The results of the latest IT Insights & Priorities Research Report from the end of last year show that Australian and New Zealand IT decision makers have a clear focus on cutting costs and increasing productivity.

Impact of the GFC

IT managers have been affected by the economy, with 22 per cent stating that a major impact was a reduction in the IT budget. A further 36 per cent say this has had some effect.

The impact was felt the most in larger organisations, with the cuts creating a major effect in 30 per cent of companies with 1,000 or more employees.

A chunk of these respondents are from government organisations, with 36 per cent saying IT budget cuts have had a major impact.

The media, telecoms and entertainment sector seems to have been hit the least, with only 15 per cent saying IT budget cuts have been a major impact.

It seems budget cuts could have been worse. Instead the focus has clearly been on improvements that will enable the organisation to function more effectively. Building applications to better fix business processes was ranked as a top or major consideration by 77 per cent of respondents, closely followed by improving access to information or data (71 per cent).

Topics: IT Priorities, Innovation

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