It's the blatant hypocrisy

Summary:John Battelle asks why Congress is holding hearings about Google's China compromise and not Yahoo! and MSN's before? I answer with a variation on an old beer-selling slogan.

John Battelle muses about current events:

I'm still thinking about this, but this is an interesting development. Yahoo and Microsoft can go into China no problem, but once Google does, then the US Congress gets into the act

John, the answer is pretty simple, to take the old slogan of the Olympia Brewing Co. and mangle it a bit: "It's the hypocrisy and a lot more." Google set itself up for this by claiming repeatedly that it isn't evil and Congresspeople know a simple argument when they see it. The public is going to eat this up, because it is a clear-cut case of hypocritical marketing. 

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