Juniper study: 80% of smartphones still unprotected from malware, attacks

Summary:Smartphones (and tablets) are just open hotspots for trouble waiting to happen if their owners don't take precautions immediately.

We all take risks for granted sometimes, but one place that nearly everyone seems to be doing that a little too lightly is on smartphones.

According to a new report from Juniper Research, more than 80 percent of smartphones (both for business and personal use) are unprotected from malware and other possible malicious attacks. Analysts expect that figure to hold true for at least the rest of 2013.

On the one hand, such an alarming figure might seem strange given how serious most people now take antivirus precautions and security on PCs.

But even that mentality took years to go mainstream, and it's still an ongoing process drumming that into people's minds in both the workplace and at home.

Analysts acknowledged in the report that a severe lack of awareness among consumers, in particular, is a major attributing factor as to why there is such a low level of mobile security software adoption.

Furthermore, analysts found that there is a "a widespread consumer perception that the price of security products is excessive," which might explain (at least partially) why people are more willing to shell out a few bucks for Angry Birds and not give a second thought about a mobile security app.

Essentially, the lesson to be learned from Juniper's latest report is that smartphones (and tablets) are just open hotspots for trouble waiting to happen if their owners don't take precautions immediately.

The full report, entitled Mobile Security: BYOD, mCommerce, Consumer & Enterprise 2013-2018, is available for purchase.

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