Launch of Google Partners to help SMBs in India

Summary:Google on Thursday announced the global launch of Google Partners, a program designed to help agencies and web professionals succeed online making it easier to access Google resources, training, and support all in one place.

Google on Thursday announced the global launch of Google Partners, an extensive program specifically aimed at supporting agencies and professionals on the web who help businesses with their success online. This program is targeted to help build an ecosystem that helps startups and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make the most of the internet.

Most certainly, a lot of tech and web startups in India have given a boost to businesses doing well online. At the same time, many small businesses in India depend on web professionals and agencies to bolster their online presence and market them better through various online and social channels . Realizing this potential, Google is investing in helping agencies and professionals online to receive training and necessary resources to help their business clients.

"With the launch of Google Partners, we have brought together our existing support programs under a new platform. We are making it easier for agencies to access Google resources, training, and support all in one place," said Kodukulla Suryanarayana, head of SMB Sales, Google India.

"In the last three years, we have significantly ramped up the efforts to have a large footprint of agencies who support thousands of small businesses in India. With this new initiative, we are rolling out a global and a more comprehensive partner initiative, which will help our agencies to scale their efforts and offer small, medium businesses the most advanced and latest technologies. This will help us to grow the base of our partners in India."

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Essentially, Google Partners replaces Google Certification Program and Google Engage for Agencies by taking this engagement to the next level and adding a new suite of resources in a simpler, cleaner, and pretty powerful interface, according to Google. It also lets agency partners build a closer relationship with both Google and its clients.

Specifically, Google Partners allows agencies to push the envelope by driving credibility and helping their businesses achieve a lot more by earning leads, gaining tailor-made insights according to agency needs, and using various offers from AdWords to help clients' campaigns do better. More specifically, a great revamp of earlier initiatives. It looks like a good initiative by Google and its team, and will help SMEs achieve quite a lot, considering usage of best business practices, and would look for it to make some progress when it materializes.

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