Lock Down Your FaceBook Profile in 20 Minutes (Video, UPDATED)

Summary:Here's a pair of videos which show you how to lock down your FaceBook profile in 20 minutes or less.

[EDIT May 28, 2010: This article has been updated to reflect FaceBook's latest privacy changes.]

If you haven't already read my Lockdown or Death for Your FaceBook Profile article, here are two videos which guide you through the process of locking down a typical FaceBook account for increased privacy and user security.

Part 1: Clean Up your Profile and Remove Information

Part 2: Adjust your Privacy Settings (UPDATED)

Be advised in the videos that since this was a new "Demo" account your options may vary and your lock down process may be a little more complicated than what I have demonstrated. In which case, I suggest you look at the Gallery which details the settings you need to look at.

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Have we missed any key settings or steps here? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

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