MapR Technologies' M7 improves Apache Hadoop

Summary:MapR Technologies is pushing to make Big Data solutions live up to its promise of helping organizations move decision-making from a seat-of-the-pants exercise to a systematic and repeatable process. The company's M7 improves Apache Hadoop's performance, reliability, integration and ease of use

Big Data is emerging as an important tool to help organizations learn more about their business operations, product performance, and customer purchasing behavior. It is misunderstood by the media making it difficult for organizations to determine if investing in this tool will bring results and make it possible to improve efficiency, bring out better products and services or better understand customer requirements. Big Data tools, however, can be intimidating. It is often necessary to acquire, install and integrate a number of different tools in order to address organizational requirements. MapR Technologies announced M7 as a way to reduce the complexity of Apache Hadoop environments, improve overall performance and increase solution reliability.

Why Big Data?

Traditional transactional systems are designed and implemented to track information whose format and use are known ahead of time. Big Data systems are deployed when the questions to be asked and the data formats to be examined aren't known ahead of time.

The goal of Big Data systems is to allow analysts and decision-makers to sift through massive amounts of data to learn something new rather than tracking known outputs of operational systems.


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