Microsoft Express Mouse finally gets the cord placement right

I am a mouse person, but I am tired of wireless mice that constantly need batteries. Microsoft has just released the Express Mouse, a simple wired mouse that has the cord placed at an angle.

I am a mouse person. I'll use a trackpad or trackstick on a laptop if I have to, but I much prefer a mouse to scoot the cursor around the screen. I have long been using one wireless mouse or another, but have threatened to go old-school and get one with a wiry tail. Microsoft has just released the Express Mouse, a simple wired mouse that has the cord placed at an angle that keeps it out of the way for right-handers. It might work for southpaws but doesn't look like it would do as well on the left side of the laptop/desktop.

The Express Mouse is a basic mouse that only comes in white, with red or gray trim. There is a small scroll wheel on the top of the mouse, and the buttons are integrated into the body of the mouse. Since the Express Mouse is wired there are no batteries required, which is whole point. The mouse will be available soon for $20.


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