Million-message analysis produces India 'mood' graph

Summary:An analysis of 1 million status updates demonstrates the humble emoji can characterize an entire city, revealing Delhi as India's most intoxicated city, Mumbai the most congested, and Bangalore the most caffeinated.


Delhi is India's most intoxicated city, Mumbai the most congested, and Bangalore the most caffeinated. These were the findings generated from data exchanged via messaging app, Hike.

App developer Bharti Softbank  analyzed 1 million status updates sent by users across India, specifically looking at the frequency of 24 "mood" stickers used, to characterize Indian cities based on the three most popular emoticons used by residents.

The data helped illustrate an inaugural mood graph, released today, which indicated Delhi-ites, custodians of the country's political epicenter, were the booziest with 43 percent of Hike messengers using the the mood sticker. Mumbaikers, often racing to close business deals or film hundreds of Bollywood flicks, were frequently stuck in traffic at 42 percent, while Bangaloreans were the biggest coffee addicts at 44 percent.

The data also revealed Kolkatans shopped 46 percent of the time, and the rest of their time were spent being in love or studying. Ahmedabad residents were the happiest at 57 percent, while Jaipurians--located in the west of the nation's capital--just liked to chill at 59 percent.

Bharti Softbank said 1 million stickers were shared within 24 hours after the feature was first released in April, and it plans to add more moods in the coming months.

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