More new Microsoft codenames, A to Z

Summary:For those, like me, who like keeping track of Microsoft codenames, here are a couple of new ones to add to your file: Austin and Zermatt.

For those, like me, who like keeping track of Microsoft codenames, here are a couple of new ones to add to your file:

Austin: Austin is Version 2.0 of ResponsePoint, which is Microsoft's self-described IP/VOIP PBX phone software for small businesses. Microsoft released a first version of ResponsePoint to interested phone makers in 2007. Earlier this month, Microsoft made available for download Service Pack (SP) 1 for ResponsePoint. SP1 adds new features to ResponsePoint systems, including new call status, history and handling options; 64-bit support; and direct inward dialing. (Version 1.0 of ResponsePoint was codenamed "Edinburgh," by the way....) No word yet from the Softies on when to expect Austin or what new features are slated for it.

Zermatt: "Zermatt is a destination in Switzerland ... that benefits from what Nietzsche calls 'the air at high altitudes, with which everything in animal being grows more spiritual and acquires wings,'" according to Kim Cameron, Microsoft's Chief Architect of Identity. It's also the codename for a new identity app-dev framework, or IDFX, a beta of which Microsoft released last week via the Microsoft Connect site. As Cameron explains it, Zermatt is what developers should use to build interoperable, identity-aware apps that run on the Windows platform. Microsoft is building future versions of its Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and claims-aware Microsoft apps on top of it.

As I've noted before, Microsoft increasingly is using place names for codenames. Gone are the days when different teams would go with different themes in their codename choices. Now, just about everything new coming out of Redmond is using a place codename.

Speaking of place codenames, I've got a goodie for tomorrow. Stay tuned....

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